Our goals

1. Liberation of the african continent and all Black people worldwide as well as all colonized peoples

2. Establishment of a revolutionary panafricanism

3. Overthrowing of capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy and neo colonialism

4. Stop to the ecocide on the african continent and other former colonies

5. Global freedom of movement for all people

6. Consequent denazification

7. Abolishment of the police and prison justice, replacement with community based alternatives

8. Societal and institutional reappraisal of colonial history

9. Universal access for all people to education, healthcare and basic standard of living without capitalist demands of productivity

All these goals have the intention of long-term abolishing of marginalizing conditions, not only for Black people. Until they are not met, it’s our responsibility to work towards security and material support for our Black communities.

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Racism is profitable – let’s change that

We as Panthifa believe that capitalism and racism are inseperably linked and require each other. We define capitalism as modes of production and work that maximazie profits instead of benefiting workers. Profit that remains after mining/gathering/harvesting, production, transport and sale of resources was stolen from workers and consumers. In this system our work and consumption is turned into surplus value that through several steps always ends up with he richest.

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Urgent Call and mobilisation for Abu Jamal freedom!

Born Wesley Cook, the activist, journalist and member of the Black Panther Party was driving his taxi in Philadelphia on December 9, 1981, when his brother William “Billy” Cook was stopped by police officer Daniel Faulkner. Abu-Jamal joined them, parked across the street and approached the scene. A few minutes later, he was shot in the chest and Faulkner was shot dead. Abu-Jamal was later arrested as the presumed shooter.

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Panthifa Speech at the “No Celebration For A Racist Nation” in Cologne

75 years after the end of the Second World War, in a globalised world, the question of racist and antisemitic violence and political repression remains a global issue.
Proof of that are last hundreds of racist, anti-black, anti-muslim racist and antisemitic attacks in Germany against Blacks, Muslims, Jewish people, people of Colors and refugees. The NSU. The rise of a right Wing Party into the Bundestag in 2017, three white supremacist terrorist attacks in Kassel, Halle and Hanau. NSU 2.0. Neo nazi Chat groups within the Police.

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Proclamation of Formation

Panthifa – Proclamation of Formation

Why Panthifa?

The Panthifa is a new radical leftist group for Black self empowerment and organisation in Germany. We welcome the success of the young german Black Lives Matter mass movement that connected us, but we see the necessity for radical leftist, anticapitalist, anticolonial and intersectional structures exclusively geared towards Black People. In keeping with diversity of tactics, we don’t want to replace Black Lives Matter but supplement it. Although we are also organized in Antifa- and Migratifa alliances, we see a divide in power between Black and non-Black members that will not be able to be overcome without prior Black self empowerment.

The white german left has yet to find a way to utilize the ressources of Black Activists in their battles. We don’t feel welcome or heard as Black People in white structures, which is why we need to create a space for ourselves that facilitates activistic development without the need of burning us out on educating our white peers.

The Panthifa wants to create and organize a space for community, collective and mutual antiracist and anticolonial education as well as a safe space to exchange experiences with the end goal of Black Structures that are capable of their own activism.

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