Panthifa Speech at the “No Celebration For A Racist Nation” in Cologne

75 years after the end of the Second World War, in a globalised world, the question of racist and antisemitic violence and political repression remains a global issue.
Proof of that are last hundreds of racist, anti-black, anti-muslim racist and antisemitic attacks in Germany against Blacks, Muslims, Jewish people, people of Colors and refugees. The NSU. The rise of a right Wing Party into the Bundestag in 2017, three white supremacist terrorist attacks in Kassel, Halle and Hanau. NSU 2.0. Neo nazi Chat groups within the Police.

Today, Germany wants to celebrate their nationhood. There is nothing to celebrate. This «White narrative» is silencing our racial discrimination in this country.

Today, we are here to say that Panthifa – a Black radical Organisation – supports all forces and energy to de-nazificate the German society.
If you see yourself as Black and radical just send us a mail, and we will get in contact with you!
Ansante sana!
Black Proud!
Power to the people!

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